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How to Submit News

Please use this tutorial to help Submit the News. For a more guided and pictorial tutorial see attached PDF at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you want to submit an Event to be added to our Calendar don't follow these steps! Click Here

  1. Click on the big yellow “Submit News” button on the front page or alternatively click on the Submit News Tab on the top Menu bar.
  2. Insert Title: Self-explanatory.
  3. News Tags: Every article should contain at least one “tag”, which is to say, category description. If you enter more than one tag, select the first and while holding the Ctrl key down click another and so on. All the tags that have been selected should be highlighted. By surfing the site, clicking a tag will select all the articles that share the same tags, making it easy to find related articles. Please use “Miscellaneous” if no Tags are applicable.  Please note that if the Miscellaneous Tag is selected the GoMe may opt to create a new tag at the time of Publishing.
  4. Body:  Insert article text/content there.
  5. Captcha: Answer the question in order to submit news.
  6. Link for more info: Insert the web address to the source of the news.
  7. Click on Preview and when happy, Save or click Save bypassing Preview.
  8. Please note that the article will not be displayed on the front page straight way. It will go through a process of verification, proof-reading, until Published. Our Messengers will check the Submit News once a day.
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How to Add Images to an Article/Forum Post

See attached PDF for more guided and pictorial help.

  1. Select the place where you would like to add a picture. Click the image icon in the body menu (when you hover the mouse over it, it mentions “Insert/Edit image”).
  2. A: Link to external image:
    The “Image Properties” menu pops up. If you wish, you can type the direct web address of the image in the “Image URL” bar, for example http://linkto/picture.
    This is the quickest way to add images and only works if the picture is on an Internet site already, and if this site allows direct linking. There is, however, a better method, which copies the image from your own computer to the Guild of Messengers server directly.
    B: Select image from the server:
    Everybody who has an account on the Guild of Messengers website automatically has a personal folder to store files and pictures, and access to a shared image folder.
    Click on the little “Browse Server” button beside “URL” on the right.
    Another screen will pop up, which shows your own personal folder and the files you uploaded. Check if the correct image is selected, and then click “Send to FCKEditor”.
    If no pictures are present then refer to the next step to add an image to your personal folder.
    C: Upload new image to the server:
    In the “Image Properties” menu click “Browse Server”. A file menu opens. Click “Upload” to expand the functions.  
    Click on “Browse”, select the image from your computer. Click the Blue highlighted “Upload” button. Once uploaded click “Send to FCKEditor”.
  3. Image properties:
    Optionally, you can change standard image properties such as the description under
    “Alternative Text”, the horizontal and vertical space between image and text, display size or the alignment.
    Click “OK” to add the picture.
  4. Image added: The image is added to the article. You can now type the rest of the article, or add another image.


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Rich Text Editor: Tutorial Snippets

When you add a page, you will see the rich editor bar just above where you start typing. This tutorial is a tongue in cheek of little snippets of information, to make life easier. Please feel free to add any interesting feature you think others might be interested in!

How do I get rid of the white space between two lines?

When you are working in a rich text editor on the web (as you do on this site), then hitting Enter creates a new paragraph by default. But what if you only wish to create a new line, not a new paragraph?
Instead of Enter, press Shift-Enter, and you will go to a new line, without any white space.

What does the Teaser do?

The teaser creates a page division. It means that everything above the teaser shows up on the front page.
Then, you have to click "Read more" and you will see the rest of your article, the part underneath the teaser.

Can I create hidden spoilers?

Yes! Absolutely! All you need to do is select the text you wish to hide, and select both the same text color as background color (the color buttons are on the bottom row on the right).
Example: Hello! This is hidden text. You can't read me!
So, how do you read it? Simple... Drag across the hidden text with the left mouse button, and it magically appears.

How to Subscribe to a Particular Language Newspaper

See attached PDF for more guided and pictorial help.

Note: This assumes you are subscribed to the Newspaper. If you are not subscribed, click the "Subscribe"  button in the 'Newspaper Subscription' section in the upper right of the Home Page, beneath your name.

  1. Click "Edit” in top bar next to your name. Skip to step 4 below.
  2. Click “My account” on the right hand bar under your highlighted name.
  3. Click “Edit
  4. Scroll down until you see “Language settings” and select the language of your choice.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. You will now receive the newspaper in the selected language, or, it will be sent by default in English, if the newspaper is not available in that particular language.
How to Subscribe to a Particular Language Newspaper.pdf246.24 KB

OLD: How to participate in the 'PhotoQuest Remembered' Image Contest

First of all: the general rules to participate in the Monthly Contests are written in the Contest Rules, the purpose of this Tutorial is only to show you the right procedure to do that.

There are two ways you can participate in a Picture Contest:

  1. Submit a picture
  2. Vote a picture

Submit a picture

  1. To participate submit a picture, you will need a valid account here, on the GoMe website. The Registration procedure is easy and secure. Simply click here.
  2. Once you've registered (and logged in) you will be able to submit your picture to the Contest.
  3. To submit a picture click on the 'Create Content' link in the right-hand menu and select Image from the list of contents. Or simply click here.
  4. If there is no 'Image' link to select there may either be a problem with our system (in this case try to contact a Messenger) or the current Contest is over and we are in the voting phase (please check our calendar to know the deadlines for the Contests).
  5. In the Create Image page fill in the form to submit your picture:
    • Title: this field is for the title of your image
    • Picture Contest: in this field you must select the Category you wish to submit your image to. Please check the announcements (on our front page or in the GoMe Newspaper) to know the Category of the current Contest.
    • Image: in this field you have to select the image you want to submit for the Contest. Once you did, click on the upload button to upload it. Remember that your image must respect the theme of the current Contest, the Contest Rules and the image requirements (Maximum Filesize: 2 MB,Allowed Extensions: jpg jpeg, png. Images must be larger than 640x480 pixels)
    • When you are finished click on the Save button to submit your Image for the Contest
NOTE: you won't immediately see your image in the gallery of the submitted images for the contest, since it has to be manually approved by a member of the Contest Team. This may take from some hours to some days.


Vote a picture

To vote a picture enter the Current Category by the right-hand menu and select the image you want to vote for. Once you are on the Image page you will see ten stars just under the picture. Select one of the ten marks to vote for the image.

If you want to undo your vote you can click on the Undo sign (the first before he stars). Beware: if you are not logged-in on our website you will be able to undo your vote only during same visit to the website; the next time you won't see your vote.


When the Contest is Complete

When the contest is closed, and the winner revealed to the public, on all the images of the Contest will be enabled comments. So everyone will be able to make comments on the images.

How_to_Add_an_Image_to_PhotoQuest_Remembered.pdf268.02 KB